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History of the Yoruba:

The probable site of Atlantis, a legendary site in the Atlantic Ocean were exact location of Ile-Ife, a powerful kingdom 9000 years before the birth of BOLON. Its powerful army over run the Mediterranean land. The people of Atlantis are the founder of the ancient civilization of Atlantis from which the Atlantic ocean derived its name; Yorubas called it "Okun" with "Olokun" as the Orisa that presided over that aspect of Nature. It is the teaching of occultists that the first race of Atlanteans was called Rmoahals.

The race was Mahogany Black in color about 10ft. to 12 ft.

"Ile- Ife ase n taye nibi ojumo ti n mo wa" (Ile-Ife the primordial place where the day light comes forth) is the original home of the Yorubas, civilization and culture. Did you know that Ife (Yoruba) gave the world the civilization as we know it today? For instance, "Britons received their civilization from Rome: Rome from Greece: Greece from Persia: Persia from Ghaldea: Ghaldea from Babylon: Babylonians and Hebrews from Egypt: Egypt from the Tyrrhenians and the Tyrrhenians from the ancient Ile-Ife.

Yorubas refered to themselves as "Eniyan" or Eni ti Aayan" (the Chosen Ones to bring blessing to the world). "Ifa ni dandan, eniyan ni a yan lati mu ire wa si aye."

Lamurudu or Nemrod was never mentioned in any of the Odu Ifa therefore he could not be any of the Yorubas' ancestors. Yorubas are known for paying close attention to their ancestors.


  • "From Invincible World", by Justice Adewale Thomson and Lieutenant Colonel Arthur E. Powell
  • "Voices of Africa" by Leo Frobenius

Author: The Curator
Ile Asa Abalaye
(A Yoruba-World Museum of Science & Culture)

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