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How to tie or wear your African wrap-skirt

Starting with the wrap, ensure that the embroidered end (if any) is on the outside flap.

  1. with your legs apart (to give you room for walk-steps), hold the two ends of the wrap - with the embroidered end on your right;
  2. tuck in the left side to the right side of waist, making sure that the top end of it sticks out above the tuck;
  3. take the right side and wrap it towards the left side of your waist;
  4. pull the left and right ends towards the back and make a knot as tight as you need;
  5. pull the layers from the bottom so that the bottom edges are even.
  6. You can wear the wrap long (waist-ankle) or short (waist-below-knee) by wrapping the skirt long or short.

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